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Thyra Hilden
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Hilden & Diaz / CITY ON FIRE
- videoinstallations 2005 - 2010:





Coliseum On Fire
Videoinstallation 'burning' one of the world's most famous ancient monument: the Coliseum.

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Thyra Hilden BBC_Thyra_Hilden_Pio_Diaz Coliseum_Thyra_Hilden_Pio_DIazColiseum_Thyra_Hilden_Pio_Diaz

Tusch & Acrylic on paper & Glass

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x Thyra Hilden Thyra Hilden Thyra Hilden

Sculture and videoinstallation inspired of the earliest sculpture ever found. “Venus of Willendorf” (24.000- 22.000 years BC) co. Artworks by Hilden & Diaz

• see VENUS

Thyra Hilden Thyra Hilden Thyra Hilden

Framed ash. As fire destroys, the new will reappear from the ashes. Elder carbon of probable biological origin 3800 million years, the earliest trace of life on earth. Artworks by Hilden & Diaz

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Blood Trophy
Trophy casted in human and animal blood. Artworks by Hilden & Diaz

• see Blood Trophy


Liquid Paintings
These paintings are created by large variations of chemical reactions, inspired by the forces of nature. Artworks by Hilden & Diaz

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Kirche im Feuer - burning the cathedral of Frankfurt

Site-specific videoinstallation

• >> Katharinenkirche

Vor Frue I Flammer - burning the cathedral of Copenhagen
Site-specific videoinstallation

• >> Vor Frue

AROS ON FIRE - burning the roots
of western culture 2007

Site-specific videoinstallation / Soloshow / Aarhus


Châteaux De Sable 2006
Galerie Maria Lund / Paris

Soloshow / Photography and video
Le Figaro - review in French
Le Figaro - review in English

• see stills

CITY ON FIRE - burning the roots
of western culture 2005

Site-specific videoinstallation / Rome

• see stills

Dream Generations 2005
15. min video

• see VIDEOs 1-6
• see video & stills from video

Castles in the sand 2005
Framed photography

• see stills

Playground 2005
8 min. video

• see stills

Mind Tricker 2004
7 min. video and 9 stillprints
50x60 cm.

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Synchronicity 2004
40 min. video and 32 stillprints
45x50 cm.

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Preview 2003
Photography on alminium
90x180 cm.

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Synchronicity 2003
Photography on PVC.
80x160 cm.

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Loaded 2002
Installation and separate works: Video, 5 still prints / variable size, intermittent light.

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Closer 2002
Closer is a video installation with two different wall projections, with partially synchronised action.
First projection is a one take real time and raw sound version of the action.
Second projection is a cut-up and soundmix version, zapping back and forth in the real time.

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Closer 2001
Print /paint on PVC, 140x180 cm
by Thyra Hilden and Jon Stahn.

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Home Sweet Home 2001
Installation with 12 pictures / 50x75 cm from my parents home, mixed with the soundtrack Home Sweet Home from a music box, in slow-motion.

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installation view and soundtrack

Preview 2001
6 prints / variable size

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Distal #1-7 2000
Print on PVC 130x200 cm / print on PVC 115x180 cm. The title refers to the limits of the body, the physical periphery.

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The Synchronic 2000
Print on PVC 115x180 cm.
Series from the book The Synchronic.
Pictures from the tropic room at the Copenhagen Zoo.
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Red Out #1-1O 1999
Photos 50x75 cm and prints on PVC 130x200 cm. Series from the book the The Synchronic. Red out is pictures from Copenhagen playgrounds at night.
The title refers to pilots having red-outs, caused by high pressure, while flying loops.

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Still 1999
Slideshow #1-17
#1-9 print on PVC 140x200cm.

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Sondering #1-8 1999
Series from the book The Synchronic. Pictures from the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, where all the plants are labelled.

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