Thyra Hilden 1972
Åboulevard 6, 1.floor
DK-2200 Copenhagen K
(+45) 60905080

Visual artist
2002 Exit from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
2002 Exit from the department of Theory and Communication,
2002 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
2005 Member og the Dansih Art society 'Kunstnersamfundet'

Le Figaro - review in French
Le Figaro - review in English

conTEXT 2005
interview 2005 UK
interview 2005 DK
interview 2003


"Colisseum on fire" Colisseum, Rome, Italy (september 2010)
"Kunsten i Blodet" Utzon Center, aalborg, Denmark
"Bland selv" Galleri Wolfsen, Ålborg

IllumenArts, CPH, Denmark
Solidarity, Gdansk, Poland

"Implosive heat" Seoul Museum of art, Seoul, Korea.
"Luminale, Biennale of Lighting Culture", Frankfurt, Germany,

"City on Fire documentation", Total Museum, Korea,
"BURNING", PINCHUK Art Center, Ukrain, site specific video installation
“Ansigt”, group exhibition, site specific video installation
"Copenhagen Cathedral on Fire", site-specific videoinstallation / Hilden & Diaz Soloshow / Copenhagen
"ARoS On Fire", site-specific videoinstallation / Hilden & Diaz Soloshow / Aarhus
"SLOT" Solo, Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden

"Chateaux De Sable" Solo, Galerie Maria Lund, Paris, France
"Driving fast through a slow-motion landscape" Espai Ubu, France (video on tour)
"Synchronicity" Solo, co. with Luise Fauerholt / Aarhus Art Academy, Aarhus

"Castles in the sand" Soloshow / Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen
"City on fire" The Dansih Institute, Soloshow / videoinstallation, Rome, Italy
"City on fire" Event and solo exhibition, Supperclub, Rome, Italy
"City on fire" TREVI, Soloshow / videoinstallation, Rome, Italy
"Please listen to your eyes" Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen

"KEMO TERROR " Kopenhagen Showroom, Copenhagen
"Photography 2004 " Kopenhagen Showroom, Copenhagen
"I Mellemtiden" Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen
"Kvinder Stiller Skarpt" Grevinde Danner Huset, Copenhagen
"Nyt Blod " Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen

"In Tangible" Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, (MADC), Costa Rica
"Its photograpic" gallery Gustav Gimm, Copenhagen
"Betrug" Loop Gallery, Berlin
"Imposture" gallery Console, Paris
"Making eyes" Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen
"Kameraterne" Den Frie Udestillingsbygning, Copenhagen

"Images against war", Groupexhibition on tour, Germany
"Object to object" Den Frie Udestillingsbygning, Copenhagen

"MOV" videoscreening: Oslo, Wien, New york, London and Copenhagen

"View" P.I.P, Pinyao, China.
"LOADED" Soloshow / Thyra Hilden at Idealbar and Vega, Copenhagen.
Soloshow co. with Henrik Mené / Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Dronninglund.
"Fantasien til magten", Workshop and exhibition, Møn.
"Exit", Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Copenhagen.
"The Synchronic", Soloshow co. with Tomas Thøfner / Husets Caféscene, Copenhagen.

"Je t'aime moi non plus" videoscreening on tour:
Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France, february
Kunsthall Bergen, Norway march
Museum Het Domein, Sittard NL, Holland, march
ESAP Perpignan, France, may
Leisure Club Mogadishni, Copenhagen, june
at the occasion of the annual IKT-meeting
Kunsthalle Wilhelmsheaven, Germany, november
Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland, november

"MOV" videoscreening:
Göteborg, Lilla Teatern, september
Stenungsund, Gallery Koch, october
Stockholm, Konstakuten, october
Göteborg, Konsthögskolan Valand, november

"Painting in transformation", Vikingsberg Art Museum, Helsingborg, Sweeden.
"Existence", NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.
"The Autumnexhibition", Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
"Existence" Das Bildforum, Köln.

"The springexhibition", Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
"The synchronic"Soloshow / Gallery Image, Århus.

"Open air - open mind", Holmen, Copenhagen.
"Layers" Soloshow co. with Julie Sass / Overgaden, Copenhagen.

"Focus", Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Sorø.
"It's all equal"Soloshow co. with Stine Barr Prebensen / Under Dybbelsbro, Copenhagen.
"New enterprise" Soloshow co. with Stine Barr Prebensen / Gallery Image, Århus.

"Sheep with no meadows", Akademiets Udstillingssted, Copenhagen.
"Yields of running talk", Heibergsgade, Copenhagen.
"Re-reporting", Bryggergården, Faaborg.
"Welcome sweet springtime", Gallery Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen.

"Explore Europe", Pakhus 11, Copenhagen.
"Explore Europe", Arken, Ishøj.

"A4", Rådskælderen, Copenhagen.
"Room 306", Hotel Inter, Istanbul.

Exhibition in Billund Sculpture Park.
"NKOTB", Gallery SAGA Basement, Copenhagen.

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, (MADC), Costa Rica
Vikingsberg Art Museum, Helsingborg, Sweeden.


Publication of the book The Synchronic; "Kemo Terror"
RAW-street-art !
Drawings of an unknown artist, working in the streets of Copenhagen

"Råstof" Dummy for 70 pages book about Art-Brut / art of the insane


co-editor of the Danish art webmagazine
starting "Valdemarsgade 52", a projectroom in Copenhagen, opening 16/11 2002
Joining the CD "TOXIC girls",
Compilation of unknown female singers. Published in Paris by Tsunami Addiction 2002

Publication of the book The Synchronic; "Det Synkrone"
pictures of Thyra Hilden and texts by Tomas Thøfner.
Publisher: Borgens Forlag DK.

"Plexus" (in co-operation with Nikolaj Meedom and Stine Barr Prebensen)
Exchange of knowledge and experience, between environments of
art end science. Arrangements in Kulkafeén, Copenhagen.

Organizing and production of the film "When Europe is asleep"
(in co-operation with Julie Sass, Rasmus Iversen and Vivianna Vidal Iversen)
Published in Arken, Pakhus 11 and in television: DR1, DR2.

1996 - 2006
Improvisationconcerts, with a changeing group of artists.
Performing, always under a new name.

Thyra Hilden

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