Hilden & Diaz
VENUS 2010

Hilden and Diaz reinterpret one of humanity’s first images, a true cultural icon and the earliest sculpture ever found: the Prehistoric sculpted figure of the “Venus of Willendorf” (24.000- 22.000 years BC). The Venus of Willendorf is an archetype, a universal concept, something that we all share as human beings: nature and nature’s most prominent characteristic, fertility. Therefore, Venus of Willendorf connects us altogether and transcends our historical and cultural differences.

The first artwork “Venus of Willendorf” made from this inspiration is a giant breast with milk progressively flowing out of the nipple. This sculptural video installation is a 7 meter huge breast hanging over our heads, commenting the scale of our needs and primary desires.

The second artwork "VENUS" in this context is a white sculpture, showing a springy bunch of mature breasts and ball like shapes. This sculpture is casted in white Jesmonite composite and its hanging from the sealing over our heads.

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